Sunday, May 4, 2014

♥ April 2014 Monthly Favorites! ♥

Hello Everybody!
I recently uploaded a new video on my YouTube channel (after like a 4 month hiatus!) and it is my April Favorites! Leave a comment on that video or this post if you guys want a written version of the favorites, but I feel like the video is really good quality this time so I think it may be sufficient.
But let me know because I will do what you wish :D



Saturday, May 3, 2014

♥ OOTD: What is Warm Weather?

Hello Everybody!
Recently on the east coast we have been having some bi-polar weather. Some days its hot and sunny and some days its rainy and freezing! 
On 4/25 we got lucky with warm weather so I broke out some of the spring clothes that I recently got on spring break in Chicago!

After AP testing and SATs I will be back to filming and uploading regularly on my youtube channel-
So check it out!

♥ Outfit: 

Romper: Forever 21
Jean Jacket: Aeropostale
Booties: Nordstrom
Necklace: Forever 21
Watch: Anne Klein
Bracelet: Tiffany Co. 


Sunday, January 19, 2014

♥ OOTD: The Best Boyfriend Jeans... Ever. ♥

Hello Everybody!

Boyfriend jeans have recently become one of the most coveted 'casual chic' pieces in the fashion community. I found my perfect pair at American Eagle during a storewide sale they were having back in November. I featured this find in a haul video linked here! Sadly, my father doesn't approve of clothing with distressing so I settled for a sharper looking pair for 45% off at the sale. (I do love distressed jeans though.. T_T) American Eagle calls the jeans 'Boy Jeans' which is accurate because they look very similar to loose fitting boy's jeans. The jeans I bought are a size 00 and I am about 5'2''; however, the waist is still a bit large, which is strange since usually a 00 would be too small on me. If you are about my size, the jeans fit perfectly everywhere else. The waist is low rise and the legs are a bit baggy. I liked to cuff the bottoms to give them a more laid back look, but if you are as short as I, the jeans are actually not that long. The wash is a nice medium blue color and it matches just about everything! I am actually in love with these jeans and everyone should give them a go! 

American Eagle: (Unfortunately I couldn't find the exact pair I have)


♥ Crop Top: Forever 21
♥ Cardigan: Pac Sun
♥ Boyfriend Jeans: American Eagle
♥ Booties: Nordstrom
♥ Watch: Anne Klein
♥ Bracelet: Tiffany Co
♥ Bracelet: Alex and Ani

Youtube Video:


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Youtube Videos!

I recently had my winter break from school and was able to catch up on making videos for my youtube channel! These videos are all holiday/winter themed so although it is a bit past the holidays you can still wear these festive looks throughout the year!

Thanksgiving Dinner 2013 | Get Ready with Me!

Christmas Haul 2013

Simple Holiday Makeup Tutorial

Video Links:
Thanksgiving Dinner 2013 | Get Ready with Me!:
Christmas Haul 2013:
Simple Holiday Makeup Tutorial:


Sunday, December 29, 2013

I'm on Bloglovin!

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I've recently been more active on the site where you can easily follow and read your favorite blogs! My blog is now connected to that site so you can follow me there and here!


Friday, December 27, 2013

❄ OOTN: Christmas Dinner ❄

Hello Everybody!
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays!
This is my Christmas dinner outfit that I wore on Christmas night with my family!

 Check out my Christmas Haul here:


 Top: Anne Klein
 Bottoms: American Apparel (Disco Pants)
 Booties: Target
 Necklace: Target
Bracelets Top to Bottom
 Bracelet: J Crew
 Watch: Anne Klein
 Bracelet: Alex and Ani
 Bracelet: Tiffany and Co
 Bracelet: Handmade 


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

OOTW: 10/7-10/11 *extremely overdue*

Hello Everybody!
I'm back after another pretty long absence... I'm am truly very sorry. I've had so much APUSH homework and I've also recently started writing for my school newspaper about fashion and beauty. In addition to that I am in WAKSMAN so that takes up a ton of time. But enough of my ranting, let's get on with the OOTW!
But Wait There's More!
- If you guys want me to put my articles I write for the newspaper up on my blog I will definitely do that for you guys!
- My OOTDs and OOTWs are posted frequently on my Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter so head over to my Contact Me tab for those links!

*UPDATE* Wow I had never published this post... I guess I was waiting to add the rest of my outfits from the week but I never dressed presentably the rest of the week so... I guess I'll post this now... About 2 months later :D #yolo jk that makes no sense

♥  Monday: 

♥  Top: Forever 21
♥  Skirt: Forever 21
♥  Tights: Express
♥  Ballet Flats: Marshalls
♥ Necklace: Forever 21
♥  Watch: Anne Klein
♥  Bracelet: Tiffany Co

♥  Tuesday:

♥  Top: Charlotte Russe
♥  High-waisted Shorts: Forever 21
♥  Tights: Express
♥  Combat Boots: Steve Madden
♥  Necklace: Forever 21
♥  Bracelet: Tiffany Co
♥  Watch: Anne Klein

♥  Wednesday:

♥  Top: Target
♥  Jeans: Delias
♥  Booties: Target
♥  Necklace: Forever 21
♥  Watch: Anne Klein

Soni (I'm on the right lol)